Instrument Analyzer Supervisor MB318

Competitive Salary

Philadelphia, PA AREA


Our client company is seeking an experienced supervisor with experience and knowledge of gasoline blending and inline blending requirements, wastewater and water treatment analyzers (pH, DO, Hardness, Turbidity), and Ambient monitoring systems and monitors; knowledge of CEMs analyzers and associated systems.


You must be willing to:

·        Develop analyzer installation/factory acceptance testing/commissioning

·        Ensure process safety/environment regulations/work practices/compliance strategies are in place

·        Provide basic budgeting/scheduling

·        Apply strong analytical problem solving/troubleshooting skills

·        Prioritize/execute work schedules

·        Interact with all levels of employees



·        High school/GED

·        5+ years refinery experience

·        QA/QC manuals, data acquisition systems, availability requirements, testing requirements

·        Understanding of gas chromatography: Siemens Applied Automation Optichrom / Maxum I / Maxum II,               Daniels 500; process analyzer knowledge:  O2, Combustible, Moisture, RVP, Distillation, Sulfur, Cloud                 Point, Ametek 880, Ametek 931

·        Be a good communicator/strong leader

.        Knowledge of basic refinery processes/reliability principles/refining econo

Our client requests resumes be submitted in Word Doc format, '97-2003, without headers

Full Time, Permanent Position 

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